ExclusiveExclusive, the best selling hip hop novel, by author Yasmin Shiraz was downloaded over 2 thousand times on Thursday, March 20th, 2014.

At time of this blog post, it currently sat at the #1 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller’s list in 3 categories: African American Fiction Urban, African American Fiction Romance, and Genre Fiction Urban.

As a part of a mini-relaunch of her fiction books, Still Eye Rise Media is offering Exclusive free to Amazon.com customers for several days. This promotion is exclusive (no pun intended) to Amazon.com customers.

The book which received an endorsement from Urban Fiction God, K’wan, was a critical success prior to yesterday’s re-launch and had received 19 reviews averaging 4.5 stars.

The promotion continues today. Be a part of history and own Exclusive by Yasmin Shiraz, authentic hip hop fiction, click here for your download.

Here’s info about the book:

After reading Exclusive, you won’t look at the music business the same! – K’wan, author of HoodRat, Animal, Street Dreams

Excl #1 cropBehind the velvet rope.

Battles over money, prestige, and power.

A woman who wants love but must go beyond the velvet rope to get it.

When  journalist Tisha Ariel Nikkole accepts an assignment to interview, superstar artist / rapper, Keyshawn “Shout” Lane, she’s expecting the egotistical, self-absorbing , playboy that dominates magazine covers. What she finds…

Changes her life. 

In New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Keyshawn shows her a different side–a side filled with compassion and round-the-way charm. But, when he confides in her that he’s fighting for his life against corruption, power struggles and deceit against a record label executive gone mad, Tisha has to figure out what to do next.

Will Tisha help Shout?   Will she become a target by association?  Will vindictive record executive, Jordan Ellis, destroy both of their lives?

By the end this book, someone is on life support. Who will it be?


Yasmin Shiraz is the author of several books including the American Library Association award winning book,  Retaliation, as well as the critically acclaimed, Blueprint for My Girls series. She is the former publisher of hip hop magazine, Mad Rhythms.


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