HIV AIDS Awareness filmI recently finished my AIDS Awareness film, Growing Up Positive. It features two women who were both 25 at the time of the interviews. I wanted to know how their school, dating, relationships, and sex lives were impacted by their HIV status.

HIV AIDS Awareness Documentary

When I first embarked on this project, I reached out to Hydeia Broadbent who has been an HIV AIDS activist for her entire life. I previewed a portion of Hydeia’s interview  at a University in North Carolina and that’s when I met Abigail Harrigan, the second person featured in the film. Through conversations with Abby and reflecting on past conversations with Hydeia, I realized how different their stories were even though it would seem that they would share lots of similarities.

As a filmmaker, it is a joy to meet people who have interesting stories and want to tell their truth. I am so thankful to Hydeia and Abigail for trusting me with their stories.


Growing Up Positive will be touring colleges and universities as well as social organizations as a part of HIV AIDS Awareness programs as well as Women History and Black History Month programs. The program will discuss the challenges of growing up while HIV positive. It also illustrates how each person can take different medications which affect them differently. Growing Up Positive speaks to youth in that the young women featured went through puberty and dating all while HIV positive.

If you’re interested in screening Growing Up Positive, let me know. Email me:

December 1 is World AIDS Day every year, so if you want to schedule for an event, just let me know.

Here’s the trailer:


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