Fear of FailureWelcome to this episode of Live Better with Your Host, Yasmin Shiraz. This episode is inspired from the book Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by Dr. David Burns. The subtitle on this book is: The clinically proven drug-free treatment for depression. A couple of weeks ago an audience member asked me to do a podcast on a form of depression and in response I decided to do a four-part series utilizing some of the tips shared in the Feeling Good book.


This week’s topic deals with the Fear of Failure. It’s probably normal for people from time to time to be concerned about their success but often times people who suffer from depression are so fearful of failure that they do not try. Let me give you an example, when I first completed my documentary, Can She Be Saved, I was concerned about it getting into film festivals. I had even thought about not submitting it into any film festivals at all. I was thinking, “What would be the point?” But, I decided to send it to one, and then another and before you know it, the film was getting accepted and made it into 15 film festivals. For a person who didn’t think it’d get accepted into any, this was a big deal.


According to Dr. Burns the fear of failure paralyzes you because you imagine that putting in the effort and not succeeding would be an overwhelming personal defeat, so you refuse to try at all. But, the doctor teaches us that our thinking is flawed. Nobody can fail at everything.

“We all have our share of victories and defeats.”

So, our key is to take one small step at a time. In my case, I submitted to one film festival and it led to another. Right now, I’m shopping one film script, and it’ll lead to another. I’d be lying if I said that sometimes trying doesn’t scare the pants off of me. It does.


But one thing I’ve learned is: I always feel WORSE when I don’t try.

If I sit back and don’t share the film, or the script, I feel worse. Even if I try and the film or project isn’t the success I wanted it to be, I still feel better knowing that I tried. People who suffer from depression must remember nobody can fail at everything, we just gotta keep trying.

I’ve hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Live Better with Your Host, Yasmin Shiraz.  The tips provided in this podcast are not a substitute for medical help. If you are in distress, and are feeling depressed, please go see a medical professional. And, if you are in crisis, the National Suicide Help line is 800.273.TALK.

If you have any tips or questions that you’d like me address on my site or on the Live Better podcast, please email me at yshiraz@yasminshiraz.net For more Live Better episodes, please visit www.yasminshiraz.net , sign up on iTunes or sign up on Stitcher Radio.

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