findinspirationWelcome to this episode of Live Better with your host Yasmin Shiraz. I hope everyone listening is doing fantastic.


I wrote and recorded this podcast a few days after my birthday in October. Today’s topic is: How to find inspiration. I start every podcast with a few questions so, here are a few questions for you.


1. Do you ever feel stuck?

2. Do you ever feel that you need motivation?

3. Do you ever feel that you would like to be inspired?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps knowing how to find inspiration would be a good thing for you.


On my birthday this year, I attended my first opera at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. I actually was planning to see Misty Copeland, the ballerina, but I purchased opera tickets instead of ballet tickets. Anyway, I go to the opera house and they give me a playbill and I see all these folks inside the playbill and none of them look like ballerinas. I immediately realized my mistake and I start to wonder why did this happen to me? In other words, I’m sitting in this opera and what I’m going to learn. I believe that we’re supposed to learn from our mistakes. Well, I ended up seeing the classic opera, Carmen. I absolutely loved it. And, I came away from the opera feeling so inspired by the talent on stage. These people had these tear the roof off the church voices. As sat through the three hours, I often thought about what I need to do to be better at my writing, my marketing, my business. Instead of saying, This is NOT the ballet, I said, WOW, those folks are soooo talented. How hard did they work to get to the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House. How many rehearsals did they complete? How many singing lessons did they endure? How many doors slammed in their faces before they became stars?


When I see excellence, it reminds me to be excellent. I’m not a singer, but seeing opera was like a jolt of electricity coursing through my veins. I was electrified by their energy. I felt alive. The first day back to work after the opera and I’ve been more effective than I’ve been in weeks. The unfamiliar can energize you, the unexpected can excite you. Something that is different can inspire you.


If you are feeling a lack of energy, motivation or inspiration, go, do, see, be a part of something that is unfamiliar and allow your energy to be recharged.


I hope this tip helps someone.

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PS. I used a photo of Leontyne Price in this post because after seeing Carmen at the Met, I was inspired to listen to the opera on CD and I found her recording of Carmen! It is absolutely fantastic!!!

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