Literary AgentMany aspiring authors want to know how to get a literary agent. I’ve had literary agents for my books and I can tell you how I went about getting three different literary agents.

How To Get A Literary Agent

1. Create a brand name for yourself. When I signed with my first literary agent, I had been marketing myself on college campuses and had a following of several hundred thousand students. When I wrote my query letter for representation, the agent saw the value in my brand.

2. Self-Publish your book and create a buzz. When you create a buzz for your book, agents will take notice. They want to represent someone who has already proven themselves.

3. Network with authors who have agents. When you network with other authors who have agents, if they like you, they’re willing to share their agent with you.

I’m sure there are people out there who say, “Send a query letter,” and all of that. But, I’ve never had success sending a query letter by itself. My success in securing agents has always been about my brand, my buzz and who I knew. My methods may not be the easiest way to get an agent, but they are pretty definite.

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Inside Tip: I had book deals presented to me from publishing houses before I had an agent. Because I love business, I knew what kind of book deal that I wanted PRIOR to discussing it with my agent. Learn everything you can about publishing BEFORE you get an agent or a book deal. It’ll make your life a whole lot easier.

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