leavenoI wanted to take a short break from editing one of my scripts and share with you a fast fact. I used to hate editing my work. It felt like torture to me. But, I’ve since learned that getting notes and using them the right way allows you to improve so much of your writing that it’s like polishing a stone or uncovering a diamond. One of the best ways of improving yourself as a writer is learning how to take notes and constructive criticism from others.


I’m currently working on a script. I had about 20 notes to consider from my script consultant. These are steps that I took to improve the manuscript.

  1. I read the notes from the consultant.

  2. I re-read my script prior to making any changes suggested by the consultant.

  3. I broke down each note from the consultant and considered how it would improve my script.

  4. I identified places in my script which I thought could be strengthened.

  5. I compared my concerns on my script with what the consultant suggested.

  6. I wrote FREEHAND notes on a PRINTED script, implementing changes that were suggested by the consultant and that I had concerns of on my own.

At no time did I bark, argue with or reject the suggestions of the consultant.

Writers must be willing to CONSIDER notes which will strengthen story, plot, characters, concept, etc. A first draft is usually not polished enough to be perfect. Get over it.

I realize that many of my readers are also aspiring writers and novelists and so I wanted to share with you how to use notes to improve your writing.

The last set of edits that I am making to my script are really making this project sing. I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was so excited about the edits that I created the graphic: Leave No Stone Unturned. I truly believe that re-writing is the key to great writing.

Now, that I know that more of you want tips from me, I will add more to my blog. The more you communicate and let me know what you need, the more I can provide assistance.


Peace & Love,


PS. If you’d like me to address certain aspects of writing, publishing, producing, please email me and let me know. I love sharing information. My email is Yshiraz AT YasminShiraz dot net.

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