Janet JacksonA lot of people want to sound off negatively about Janet Jackson planning a family at 49. But, I need to tell everyone 1 thing:

Let Janet live her life.

So many people find it difficult to find the right person to have children with and so we’re gonna judge her now? Is that what we do? Is that who we are?

I thought it was important for a child to have love, support, a home and all of that. But, 49, that’s too old for me to begin to love a child? Come on, now.

My latest podcast lists the four reasons people didn’t feel that Janet Jackson should have a child at 49.

I rebutted each and every point. I hope you’ll listen to the podcast. I’m not only standing up for Janet Jackson, but I’m standing up for all women.

I’d rather you take your time and have a child when you are ready then to have a child with the wrong person. Hello.

And also, life is about choices. Your choices. His choices. Her choices. My choices. Their choices. Every person has the right to make the choice that is right for them. Let’s not take people’s choices away from them.

We all know that life is not one size fits all.

Take your time people! To listen to my other podcasts, click the link.


Peace & Love,



PS. If the podcast isn’t enough… You can watch my video on the topic below.


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