takingstepsWelcome to Live Better with your host Yasmin Shiraz. This is the 2nd week of our 7 week success journey. And remember, this is not something that I’m asking you to do without doing it myself, I am also taking a great leap of faith with you. I want to witness your success and I’d like you to witness mine. So, as always let’s start this podcast with a few questions.


Have you thought about which steps you need to take to reach your goal?

Are you willing to take a step toward your goal?

Do you believe you have the courage to take a step toward your goal?


Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are ready for week 2 of the 7 Week Success Challenge. This week we’re going to do two things. Just like last week.


  1. We’re going to write down 5 – 10 steps that we need to take to reach our goals. For example, I’m working on a new novel. I need to outline the story for my characters. That’s one step that I need to take. I also need to get a bookcover designed for another one of my books, this is another step that I need to take. So, whatever your goals are for this 7 week success challenge, I want you to begin to write down the steps. I just mentioned that I need to get a bookcover designed, so I must find a designer. Its important to break your goal down into steps. Every step is important.


  1. Confide in someone who believes in you. Now, this is really important. I want you to confide in someone who believes in what you are capable of. This isn’t a person who is going to tell you that you won’t reach your goal. This isn’t a person who is a doubting Thomas or Thomasina. You are going to ask a person who believes in you to listen to you and encourage you as you reach your goal. I already have an accountability partner. When you have someone who believes in you, it helps you to get through rough patches when fear steps in. Now, if you don’t have anyone, that’s okay, but DO NOT go to someone who is going to sabotage your goals. It’s better to not have someone than to have someone who is going to be detrimental to your progress.


As I said last week, we are in this together. I will share the results from my journey and I hope you will share your results with me. So, to recap, during this second week, we’re writing down steps to reach our goals and finding someone who believes in us. Tune in next week for the 3rd week.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Live Better with Your Host Yasmin Shiraz. If you have any tips or questions that you’d like me address on my site or on the Live Better podcast, please email me at YShiraz AT YasminShiraz dot net. For more Live Better episodes, please visit www.yasminshiraz.net , sign up on iTunes or sign up on Stitcher Radio.

See you next time


Peace & Love,


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