This past year, I’ve been more active than ever creating content on YouTube. I typically record one video per week. My channel has almost 80,000 views and I am thankful for everyone who is watching. Believe it or not, my highlight of the week is creating a Tisha Ariel Nikkole video in which I get a chance to put on a wig and crack some jokes. It’s fun and liberating for me. I also enjoy doing the Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin in which I discuss the challenges of being a screenwriter, author and producer. I try to make those videos fun as well.

It’s an Urban Content Community

From the feedback so far the web shows have been relating to African Americans and especially black women… which is no surprise to me. I often post episodes to my personal Facebook page as well as the Still Eye Rise Media Facebook page in addition to YouTube. For the rest of the year, subscribers can expect movie reviews, book reviews, TV show recaps as well as new Chronicle and Tisha episodes. If its entertaining and of interest to the urban community, I plan to create content on YouTube.

At the time of this post the community had 486 subscribers and when we reach the additional 14, I’m doing a thank you video with some new stuff, maybe an excerpt from one of my books or something. I haven’t figured it out yet.

Don’t miss being first in getting news and entertainment. Join my YouTube tribe and get your weekly dose of The Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin or The Tisha Ariel Nikkole Show. I produce at least one video per week and welcome comments and engagement from all tribe members.

Peace & Love,

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