Nude SelfieAfter seeing the tweets go back and forth between Kim Kardashian and Bette Midler about the nude selfie, I decided I should weigh in. The nude selfie is much more than just a nude selfie. The nude selfie is a statement. Is it woman’s empowerment? Is it objectifying the woman’s body? Is it feeding the over-sexualization of the female body?

***I discuss this topic in this podcast.***


With the popularity of Instagram, the nude selfie has become commonplace and clearly, Kim Kardashian has dominated social media with her numerous nude and partially nude selfies. Those who are not in favor of the ever dominant nude selfie say that nude selfies are detrimental to the self esteem of girls and young women. The nude selfie, ever so photoshopped, sends the message to girls and young women that you must be perfect to be successful, you must be beautiful to succeed. And that your body is the key to your success.

Nude SelfieBut there are those who say nude selfies are empowering to women. Nude selfies are empowering because they show women to embrace their bodies. They show women accepting their stretch marks, their curviness, their after-baby-bodies. And so the debate begins. Who is right?

As much as I believe a nice nude selfie can make a woman recognize and love her body, I’m not sure if those images need to overpopulate the internet. I don’t know. I understand everyone’s right to showcase themselves any way that they’d like, but still. I hesitate anytime I think that one person’s self expression can be detrimental to the masses. In this case, I’m referring to masses of girls.

I’d love for you to weigh in on this topic and listen to the podcast. What do you think? Are nude selfies detrimental to the self esteem of teen girls?

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