Life Tip: Know Who Is On Your Bus

When I use the term bus, I’m talking about your life. I’m talking about your goals and your dreams and who you associate with to help you reach your goals and dreams.

Here are three questions that I’d like you to ask yourself:


  1. When you need encouragement, who comes to your aid?
  2. When you need tough love, who gives it to you?
  3. When you need GOOD advice, who sits down and counsels you?

I was having a talk recently with one of my colleagues and in our discussion, we talked about making success happen. Everyone talks about what you have to do: work hard, be consistent, and follow through. But there is one element that is often missing from success talks and that is: Knowing Who Is On Your Bus.

Imagine you are the driver of a bus. Your bus is planning to take to you to great places. Your bus is going to deliver you to the destination of your dreams. But, sitting in the front row whispering to you the entire way is the guy who tells you, “You don’t know what you’re doing.” And then, 2 rows behind him, is the lady who says, “Be comfortable where you are.” And then 3 rows behind her and sitting next to the window, is the guy who boldly says, “I remember when you failed before, you cannot do this. You cannot be successful.”

Now, you’re driving this bus. You have these people in your bus.

But, when your bus slows down, when your bus feels as if it’s running out of gas, it is because the people on your bus have zapped all of your positive energy. You cannot have negative people whispering in your ear during your entire life’s journey and then wonder why you didn’t make it to your destination.ย  You didn’t make it to your destination because you have the wrong people on the bus.

So, what happens now? You make an assessment of who is on the bus, and kindly open the door and kickoff Passenger of Doubt, Passenger of Comfort and Passenger Playahata. And then, you start your journey again.


Early this year, I kicked off a couple of passengers off of my bus and my progress has literally exceeded all of my expectations. So, I want you to remember 3 things:

1. You drive your bus and you can kick off anyone who is not being positive and encouraging to you.

2. Get some passengers for your bus that help you in some kind of way to make your journey better.

3. The only way to reach your destination is to prepare yourself and your bus. This is a decision not to take lightly.


Who is on your bus?

This life tip can be used for business, personal relationships, life and even entrepreneurship.

If you’d like me to address any questions or tips for you specifically, please email me: Yshiraz AT yasminshiraz DOT net.

Peace & Love,




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