goodperspectiveWelcome to this episode of Live Better with Yasmin Shiraz. This episode is inspired and dedicated to my Uncle. This episode is about gauging one’s perspective when life throws curveballs. But, before we get into it, I must ask you three questions.

1. Have you ever lost sight of what was important in your life?
2. Have you ever made a small situation seem like a huge one?
3. Have you ever obsessed about a problem longer than you should have?
If you answered yes to those three questions, then we could be twins. I’ve definitely lost sight of important things in my life, I’ve created molehills from mountains and I’ve obsessed about problems which should have been ignored or at least given less than 5 minutes thought. So, here’s another confession about me, I’m not perfect, but I’m open to learning and I’m open to be inspired which brings me to my Uncle.
Several months ago, my Uncle had a portion of his leg amputated due to complications from diabetes. Ever since he came home from the hospital, he’s been upbeat and has kept his eyes on getting back on the golf course. He doesn’t complain about the portion of his leg that he loss. He doesn’t talk about the prostethic that exists where his leg used to be. He is thankful to get another day above ground. My mother and I recently went to visit him and I saw, firsthand, how he is about life. He glows with a love of life. I didn’t see any regret, anger, or resentment in him.


He’s always been one of my favorite relatives, but during our recent visit, he reminded me of just how much. I’m thankful for the family that God gave me. But, now I must turn this podcast to you, my listeners? If a portion of your leg had been amputated three months ago, how would your disposition be? Would you still be able to love life? Would you be able to live anger free? Be honest with yourself. Can we all agree, today, that we’ll allow the small things in life to be small things. Can we all agree to gauge our perspective before we blow up or blow things out of porportion?
None of us knows what life is going throw our way, but we can decide if we’re going to over-react. We can decide if we’re going to keep a healthy perspective. I have my Uncle Peas’ strength to act as a compass. I don’t know what you’ll use, but, I’m encouraging everyone to keep a healthy perspective.
I hope this podcast helps someone out there and if you like it, please leave your comments on the iTunes or Stitcher radio. And of course, I wanna hear from you. I’d love your input for future episodes so please email me Yasmin At Yasminshiraz dot net visit my site
Peace and Love,
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