Today’s tip could fit into entrepreneurship, business but also the life tip category. Today’s tip is: Shrink Your Inner Circle. You ever watch an awards show and a celebrity gets up to accept an award and 30 people follow the person? Well, of those 30 people who followed the artist on stage, I wonder how many of those people are essential? How many people are contributing to the success of the artist? How many people are part of creating solutions for the team? How many of the thirty are actually bringing problems and dissension to the group? Those are the questions that this week’s tip brings to the surface.


So, I need you to ask yourself three things:


Who is in your inner circle?

When you have a problem and you consult your inner circle are you helped?

When you need a boost and you go to your inner circle what happens?


Slide1When I use the term inner circle, I mean friends, family, co-workers–anyone who you confide in and believe that they have your best interest at heart. Everyone needs to examine their inner circle from time to time because it is often those closest to you who are in a position to help or hurt.


Early in my writing career, I was very talkative about what I wanted to do. I spoke to friends about my goals, and though they were great friends, they couldn’t help me to cross the barriers that I faced in my writing career. So, I learned to group people and shrink my inner circle when it came to my personal and career progress. I’m not going to call a friend who I know is often in the doldrums to help me solve one of my career problems because I know how they process their own problems. So, I began to consult other writers, authors and creative people when I had an issue with my writing career. And, you know what happened? My problems were solved more quickly.


Shrinking your inner circle isn’t about kicking people out of your life. Instead, its about knowing who is able to give you good advice and help to keep you motivated. It is also about connecting to the most resourceful people in your circle in order to optimize your own success and help others as well.


So think about your life for a moment. Do you have hangers on that aren’t really helping you succeed? Do you seek advice from the wrong people? Think about it. And if so, maybe it’s time for you to shrink your inner circle. I hope this tip is helpful to someone out there. Thanks for listening…. Next week, let’s should talk about expanding your circle by building a great team to be surrounded by.

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See you next time.

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