guyhelp1You need help, but are you willing to help?


When I give lectures or presentations, people often come up to me and ask for my help afterwards. In fact, I’ve mentored many young people who have asked for my help. But, the thing that I’ve noticed about people who want help is they are not often willing to help anybody else.


We’ve all heard of karma, some of us, even believe in it. Why would karma keep helping you, if you’re not willing to help anybody?


I have story that I’d like to share. Earlier this year, a colleague of mine was making the journey to California to pursue her dreams. I decided to reach out to her and offer my assistance in anyway that I could. I didn’t expect anything in return, but what happened instead is that when I offered to help her, she offered to meet with me on a weekly basis and all of a sudden, I had a team member that was willing to help me reach my goals.


I am not exaggerating when I say that she has helped me to reach my goals faster this year than the last five years combined. And, this assistance was willingly given to me because I offered to help her first.


So the challenge before you is simple:

1. Help someone.

2. Expect nothing in return.

3. Watch your life change.


Helping someone could be giving someone advice, sending them a link that they need, showing them how to do something that you’ve done successfully, investing in a kickstarter campaign, or writing a check to a student who is about to go off to college. Help is help and it comes in many ways. The next time you think of all the help that you need, ask yourself, Have you helped anyone else?


I would like to thank Franceli Chapman for volunteering to be a part of my journey. Through helping her, I have been helped in immeasurable ways.

Peace & Love



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