Christmas5I’m typically the person who stresses out around Christmas. I stress out because I don’t like to be rushed, pressured, and I dislike the commercialization of Christmas. But this year I was tired of walking around like Scrooge, so I did something about how I dealt with Christmas. The result? I found 5 changes which made my Christmas less stressful.

(To hear all the changes listen to the podcast above.)

How can a person make Christmas less stressful?

A few days before Christmas, I realized that I had been feeling better so I wrote down what I had done. On Christmas day, I recorded the podcast which details the changes I made. I don’t know why I hadn’t made these changes sooner. Because I feel so much better, I wanted to share these changes with you as well. It was time for me to stop allowing “Christmas” to stress me out.

If you are a person who is stressed by Christmas, I hope you will find some relief in my suggestions. Also, if you have implemented changes on your own which have reduced your stress, please share those with me.

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