mrodriguezLatina actress, Michelle Rodriguez, recently stated that minorities need to stop taking roles that have been traditionally cast for white actors. Her direct quote was: “Stop stealing all the white people’s superheroes. Like, make up your own, you know what I’m saying?”


Lots of negative backlash has come as a result of Rodriguez’ comments, and the actress has apparently clarified her statements. I recorded my first vlog and responded to her comments. The video is below.

The biggest reason Hollywood is diversifying roles has to do with the almighty dollar! Minorities fill the seats in the theaters. Diversity is winning in movies as well as in television. The success of TV shows like Empire and Scandal show that diversity is a highly desired by audiences. America continues to be a capitalistic society in which money impacts how businesses make decisions. Hollywood is no longer programming to all white audiences so why should they continue to cast primarily white actors for movies which are tended for a broader audience?

In the late 90’s, many rappers where given movie roles opposite film veterans. Remember DMX and Ja-Rule in movies? These rappers weren’t given these roles because they were thespians of worldwide repute, its because they were recognizable box office draws.

Weekly V-Log
I’ve recently decided to produce a vlog on my site. So, for those of you who like video, check for the vlog on a regularly basis. It’ll be a bit of comedy and news.

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