unavidaThis past weekend I attended the Toronto Black Film Festival and had the fortunate opportunity to watch the feature film, Una Vida. The film was awesome. And, I had to tell you about it. It’s about a woman who is suffering from dementia and comes alive through music. I was touched.



This story is an heart wrenching tale that shows how important it is for people to fight for what they believe in and to use their own experiences to impact others. I highly recommend this movie!


Dr. Alvaro Cruz, a neuroscientist, disillusioned by the death of his mother and his inability to help her, finds redemption and reward by helping Una Vida, a jazz singer he discovers performing on the streets of New Orleans. Her health declining and her singing partner and her adopted daughter unable to help, Cruz seeks out her long lost son in an effort to bring resolution to the grief, loss and longing that has overshadowed her hard but beautiful life.

Starring: Joaquim De Almeida, Bill Cobbs, Ruth Negga, Andre Royo, Sharon Lawrence, and Aunjanue Ellis.

Personal note:

Bill Cobbs (Night At The Museum, The Bodyguard) was one of the actors featured in the film and he revealed that the filmmakers are working hard to get the film in the theater. So, if you like great films, check for Una Vida. Also, check for film festivals in your area and see if Una Vida is coming to your city. Congratulations to the filmmakers for making such a powerful film!

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