weirdsquatposeI’ve been doing a combination of the Easy Squat Challenge and the Squat Challenge for thirty days. Some days I’ve done more than the minimums, other days I’ve done less. Within 7 days, I notice that my jeans were tighter in the rear area. I wanted squats to lift my booty, not necessarily give me a bigger booty. I guess I should have read the instructions. HA!


I have some thoughts about the 30 Day Squat Challenge and here they are:
1. Squats definitely develop your backside.
2. Squats will cause your jeans to not fit if they are already tight.
3. Squats will not necessarily lead to weight loss as muscle weighs more than fat.
4. Squats will help the definition in your legs.
5. You do not have to do 100 squats a day to see a benefit.
6. Squats make your legs look better in shorts.
7. If you are already dealing with a nice behind, squats will give you a bigga booty.


So, I enjoyed the squat challenge, but I wanted to still be able to fit my jeans… Did you join the challenge? And if so, share some photos with me…


Peace & Love,


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