Fantasy: A Short StoryIt’s Writer Wednesday and I’ve got good WRITER news. I’ve written and published my first short story, Fantasy. Well, it’s the first short story that I’m willing to share with the world.


Fantasy is about a young woman who leaves college to pursue her dream of becoming a DJ. Everything seems to be going well until jealousy and hatred make her someone’s target. But, who would want to hurt Fantasy?

With all of my adult stories, it has some suspense, some sex, and relationship drama.  What is a book without some relationship drama? I wanna know. It currently retails for .99 cent on Amazon only.
If you review Fantasy on Amazon and send me the link, I will ship you an autographed copy of Retaliation or Accused–your choice. You can email me at:
I read somewhere that readers really like short stories. Do you like short stories? If I wrote short stories on a regular basis, would you read them? Let me know how you feel about short stories. Email me:
Speaking of reading, I’m on Goodreads and my goal is to read 108 books this year. I’m behind right now. I’m determined to read the 108 books though. The more I read, the better I write. If you wanna know what I’m reading, check me out on Goodreads. But, I will share one small, but SHOCKING confession…
Throughout my life, I never read vampire books. My mom doesn’t like vampire books. I don’t know if her dismissing vampire books had an impact on me, but I’d told myself for a long time that I had no reason to read vampire books. Well, when someone gave me Twilight by Stephanie Meyer,  it changed my attitude about vampire books. Like so many other people, the story of Edward and Bella resonated with me. I don’t know why except Bella fell in love with a guy who she absolutely shouldn’t have fallen in love with. (I’m not going there…. right now.)
Well, since then, I’ve become somewhat vampire book obsessed.
DON’T JUDGE ME. My favorite vampire book author is Richelle Meade. I love the Vampire Academy books. Again, DON’T JUDGE ME.
And, here’s another shocking confession… The Vampire Academy books taught me how to write serialized fiction better. It’s true. Richelle Meade is a goddess!
Anyway, those are my two small confessions for today. I feel like a Catholic.
Have a great day. What confessions would you like to share?
Peace & Love,
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