Apparently 234 Nigerian school girls were kidnapped and the Nigerian government is not doing anything  to bring them home. On Wednesday, April 30th there was a march in the city of Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. The people are outraged that their girls are being taken and the Nigerian government is doing nothing to bring them back. I recently signed a petition for President Obama to get involved in bringing back Nigeria’s girls.

The petition can be signed here.

According to news reports militants took the girls from a high school in the middle of night. The taking of these girls is a tragedy and the United States should use its muscle to bring back these girls.

In countries all across the world, the US steps to protect our interests. Girls represent the future, so when girls are taken, it is of our interest. This should not be allowed.

Please spread the word on this atrocity and sign the petition to encourage President Obama to step it up and bring back our girls! #bringbackourgirls


Peace & Love,

Yasmin Shiraz

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