de-cluttering helps with decision making

If you’re like me, you’ve struggled from time to time in coming up with decisions about life, career, job, and even relationships. I study Feng Shui, Yoga and Meditation and came across some information on de-cluttering that I wanted to share with you. People say De-Cluttering helps with Decision Making. I’ve implemented specific changes in my life and noticed some big differences. Check out the podcast or read the transcript below…

Welcome to this episode of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. I took a short break. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about choices and decision making. I’m sure everyone from time to time questions themselves when making a decision. So, the focus of this podcast is: How do we make better decisions? Or even more specifically, if we’re ever feeling stuck in our lives, how do we get unstuck? So, before we get started here are a few questions for you?


  1. Have you ever felt stuck?

  2. Have you ever felt that your ability to make decisions was somehow impaired?

  3. Have you ever felt that you were stagnated whether in your career, job, relationship, etc?


If you answered yes to any of the questions, then this Podcast may very well be for you. For several months, I’ve been feeling perplexed about how to make my next decision. As I’ve heard many times, “Make your next move, your best move.” I love that quote, but how is it possible. As you may know, I read quite a bit and I went into my library and pulled the book, Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui off one on the shelves. In the book, the author Karen Kingston writes, “Never underestimate the affect of clutter in your life…. Being clear of clutter is one of the greatest aids to manifesting the life you want, and it is absolutely essential if you truly want to know joy and happiness in your life.”


Now, for me, personally, I feel a lot of joy and happiness in my life, but I do often feel perplexed in making decisions. So, I walked through my home and took note of the clutter that was around. I didn’t have tons of clutter, but I had clutter in my basement which is directly beneath my office. Is that clutter holding me back? The author Karen Kingston says “When you live surrounded by clutter it is like dragging the ball and chain of your past around with you everywhere you go.”


Upon reading this text, I made an effort to go into my basement for 15 minutes, two times today and cleared some clutter. I’ve made a commitment to myself to visit the basement twice a day and clear clutter 15 minutes each time until it is all gone. I imagine this de-cluttering will take less than a month. But, I am making a note of when I started de-cluttering and how it is or will impact my decision making.

 De-cluttering Helps With Decision Making

If you are struggling with joy, happiness and decision making in your life, look around in your living environment. Are you surrounded by clutter? Are there old items which you need to discard?


I want to live the most fulfilling life possible, so I’m willing to try to de-clutter my space even further. What to I have to lose? Some junk? I think that’s worth the risk. If you’re willing to go on this de-cluttering journey with me, let me know. Email me yshiraz I wanna hear your success stories.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of Live Better with Your Host Yasmin Shiraz. If you have any tips or questions that you’d like me address on my site or on the Live Better podcast, please email me at YShiraz AT YasminShiraz dot net. For more Live Better episodes, please visit , sign up on iTunes or sign up on Stitcher Radio.

See you next time


Peace & Love,


PS. Why the Live Better Podcast? I record the Live Better podcast because I wanted a way to share “non-traditional” things about my life with my audience. People are often looking for good advice and sharing some of my most personal experiences allows me to give out good information. But, please note some of this stuff will have nothing to do with writing or books or films. But, the podcasts are about how I live my life and things that I’ve learned that are helpful. Every time I sit down to record a podcast, I think: Why keep good info to myself? Maybe one of my experiences will help someone else.

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