believesuccessHave you ever wondered if the Law of Attraction really worked?

Me too. So, I’ve created a 7 Week Success Challenge to test it. And, I believe its going to change a lot of people’s lives for the better.  This is a podcast series and the 1st installment of the 7 week Success Challenge is here….

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“I believe in my inevitable success.”

Welcome to Live Better with your host Yasmin Shiraz. This week we are embarking on a 7 week success journey. 7 is the number of completion, so I’d like you to join me in improving our lives over the next 7 weeks. This is not something that I’m asking you to do without doing it myself, I am also taking a great leap of faith over the next seven weeks. I want to witness your success and I’d like you to witness mind. So, as always let’s start this podcast with a few questions.


Do you ever have doubts?

Are you ever afraid to take risks?

Do you ever tell yourself, “I could never succeed in that field?”

Well, if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I want you to join me for this 7 week podcast special, “I dare you to be successful.” Whenever I take on a new project, I notice that I’ll have some doubts about it. But, most recently I realized that if I tell myself a positive affirmation, it lessens my self doubt and in fact, emboldens me. It makes me stronger. So, we’re going to start this series off doing two things.


  1. We’re going to envision the thing that we want to be successful at. Is it career, is it weight management, is it having better relationships? We’re going to think positively about that thing the moment we rise in the morning. It should be the first thought in our minds. And then at night, I want each of you to meditate on the success that you want to bring into your life. I want it to be the last thing you think about at night. See yourself happy and doing the thing that you want to be successful at. I’m trying this with you. So many vision gurus, and Law of Attraction gurus have said this works. I believe them and now we’re going to put it to action. And at the end of the 7 weeks, I wanna know if you’ve seen any movement in your lives. Any improvement? Any success.


  1. Throughout the day I want you to say to yourself: I believe in my inevitable success. Say it when you get up in the morning. Say it at lunch. Say it at dinner. Say it at night. Say it. Say it. If you must write it on a piece of paper so you can remember it. I want you to have it with you, closer than your social security card or your debit card. Say it every day, several times a day. Then, I want you to tell me as your life starts to change, what is happening. Again, the self improvement and success gurus, the law of attraction experts say that it works. I want us to try it.

I’m stepping out on faith right now. I’m taking a leap perhaps bigger than I ever have and doubts are surrounding me. But, I’m asking you to join me on this journey so that I can get strength from you and so you can get strength from me. We are in this together. I will share the results from my journey and I hope you will share your results with me. So, to recap, during this first week, all we’re doing is envisioning what we want to be successful doing and we are telling ourselves that we believe in our inevitable success. Those are the first two steps in this 7 week plan. Tune in next week for the 2nd week.

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