Police Officer Drags TeenIf you’re like me, you’ve seen the video of the SC police officer who dragged a teen girl who had apparently refused to stop using her cell phone in class and had allegedly refused to leave the classroom. But, was the police officer’s response appropriate? And, what are the protocols for this kind of behavior. Surely, this young woman isn’t the first teen who has used a cell phone in class when the teacher didn’t want her to…

Police Officer Drags Teen

In this episode of The Yasmin Shiraz show podcast, I raise questions about appropriateness and protocols. I’d love to know your opinions on this topic.

What could have been done? What should have been done? Did this teen get what she deserved? I have heard many people say this. Do you agree?

The police officer has since been fired but still its clear to me that police officers are unsure of how to handle certain situations. This situation is just one of the latest. And, this is scary to me. Really. And for that officer who lost his job… What does he say to himself? Did he really think he was doing his job in this case?

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