At the end of 2012, I was dealing with a bad case of writer’s block. Honestly, in my life, I had never dealt with writer’s block before.

I had written 6 books and countless screenplays without so much as a stutter in my writing.

Well, in 2012, writer’s block hit me like a tsunami. It had probably started closer to 2010, but I wasn’t really paying attention.  Life and stress had me so I didn’t really notice. But, in 2012 when I wanted to pick up my pen and write, I couldn’t. In fact, when I tried, it was like I couldn’t breathe.

Picking up a pen and a notepad made me feel like I was suffocating.

I picked up this cool little book, The 7 Secrets To the Prolific. I read it and incorporated the suggestions into my life religiously.  And, little by little the dam broke. A few words started to flow in. Then, a few sentences started to flow in and shoot before you know it, one book flowed in and then another book.

Though I recommend the book, The 7 Secrets Of The Prolific to everyone that I know. I want to share one big productivity tip that I learned from the book.


Doing the easy things allows us to capture a win. Each time we capture a win, it motivates us to keep moving. Writers can write a short story and then move on to a novel. Sometimes, I forget these tips and last week I could have really used it to help me with my to-do list.


I have a short script that I need to write. It’ll be easy, but I’d been focusing on the wrong script first!!! Yeah, sometimes I drop the ball.


Anyway, please use this tip to keep you productive!


Peace & Love,


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