Did you know walking increases creativity and productivity?

I believe it does for me!

walkingFor many of us, INCLUDING ME!, we have a love/hate relationship with exercise. Sometimes we wanna do it and other times, we just don’t. Well, one thing that I’ve consistently experienced for years in that walking increases creativity. When I walk for 45 minutes in the morning, I feel like I want to do something. I feel like I want to create something. Sure, my heart is happier. My head is clearer. My waistline is tighter. But, on the inside, I actually want to do something creative when I get done walking.

Today, I got up and without listening to any of my resisting inner voices, I threw on my sneaks and walked outside. The sun was beautiful, the breeze was nice and I just walked. When I returned home, I decided to make my family a gourmet breakfast. Well, gourmet to me and gourmet to them. Anytime it is not the regular thing, it is gourmet.

I made pan seared salmon with red peppers, eggs with spinach & red peppers and a short stack of gluten free pancakes. If I hadn’t walked this morning, I doubt that I would have felt up for cooking that kind of breakfast. And, it was soooo delish!&

So  here are 5 reasons that you should walk everyday, especially if you want to increase your productivity.

  1. Walking increases creativity and productivity. You wanna do more after a walk.
  2. Walking helps you to feel optimistic about what you’re doing.
  3. Completing a walk gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Walking is good for your heart and waistline.
  5. Vitamin D is good for you. So, if you’re walking while the sun is out, you are WINNING!

Try it and see. Go to the doctor first and make sure you’re healthy and all… I’m not qualified to be dispensing medical advice. Just sharing my experience with walking…

Peace & Love,


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