raven2If I could be granted one wish today, it would be for Raven Symone to STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST PEOPLE! She has become the center of coonery and buffoonery with comments largely aimed at African American culture. Raven, a beautiful, young woman, but who speaks–it seems–without thinking.

On Friday she told the world that she wouldn’t hire anyone with a ghetto-name and quoted the name Watermelondria. Whoa! She laughed and said she’d discriminate against people because of their names. Isn’t that exactly what corporations have done when they refuse to call a qualified person in for an interview? Thanks, Raven. We now know that you’re no different from all the people in corporate America who discriminate against people every day.


What’s so odd about Raven’s admission is that she has an odd name. She has a name that some have already argued is ‘ghetto.’ She has the kind of name that she claims she would discriminate against. I’m sure one of my sociology professors from Hampton could analyze Raven and explain the depths of her self-hate, I probably could also–if I tried really hard. But, I don’t want to. I just want Raven to Stop Embarrassing Herself. That’s all.

Previously, Raven went on Oprah and explained she was in a relationship with a woman, but didn’t agree that she was a lesbian. She also has parents who look to be African American, but Raven does not identify herself as an African American. I guess people can be whatever they want to be these days. But should they so freely discriminate against others?

  • Historically, people of color have been discriminated against. That’s you, Raven. You don’t have to tell anyone that you’re African American. Everyone can see you’re not white.
  • People who are in same-sex relationships have been discriminated against. That’s you, Raven. Why do you think there have been so many rallies for gay marriage? Because gay people have been discriminated against.
  • People who are ignorant and don’t know what’s really going in the world have been discriminated against. That’s also you, Raven. Whether its the uneducated artist who can’t read a recording contract or the uneducated homeowner who doesn’t know his rights. People who are unwilling or unable to pick up a book and learn about life become victims of their own ignorance.

Olivia, Raven’s character from The Cosby Show, was so cute. The real Raven Symone doesn’t have any of the cuteness that a young girl of color watching her should even look up to. Raven’s comments tell the world that she doesn’t like herself, she doesn’t like her name, and she doesn’t who she is.

I’m not going to bash Raven but I am going to hope that somewhere along the line she finds some Sociology books and reads them.ย  I want her to understand the looking glass self. You cannot speak so much hate of other people and not hate yourself. It cannot be done.


Peace & Love,


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