lookingforalaska I started reading John Green this year. I started with The Fault In Our Stars. As an author, I think its important to know what kinds of books are out there and what books are really worth reading. I know middle school and high school teachers are always looking for books to read. I’ve decided to compile lists and include good books on my blog so people will know what I’ve been reading as well.


I read Looking for Alaska and thought it’d be a great book to discuss death, teen drinking, suicide, and survivor guilt. I think the book is also interesting to show what life is like living in a boarding school. Reading about a boarding school was such a foreign concept to me. I bet some of my readers will also be like, “Yo, what’s up with that???!!!”

I think its important for readers to read books that reflect their experiences as well as books that are totally unfamiliar. It is in the unfamiliar that books allow us to journey to a place that we’ve never been.

If you come across any good young adult books, please let me know as I’ll be adding books to my site.

Peace & Love,

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