Batman v. SupermanBatman v. Superman

I sat through a long two and a half hours. My eyes burned. My back ached. I kept looking to my left and to my right. I sat wondering which one of my family members would bolt first. Which one would say, “Hey, I know we decided on this family outing and all, but let’s agree to stop torturing ourselves.” To my surprise, and perhaps to my chagrin, I no one bolted. As a mom and a wife, I realized that my family–at some point–has learned how to suffer in silence. Well, that brings me to Batman v. Superman.

Batman v. Superman the movie that could have earned its place as one of the best movies of all time if only it had a script worthy of its iconic leading characters.  Batman v. Superman — the movie that is breaking box office records on the strength of the franchise and not the strength of the actual movie.

I did a review of Batman v. Superman because too many people were forcing themselves to say they loved a movie which by my estimate had no lovable qualities (except for maybe Henry Cavill’s topless scene.) The man got abs and chest and stuff. Anyway, I did this review more to empower people to just say, “No” to loving mediocre movies. We can go watch mediocre movies, we can support movies that aren’t 5 stars, but we do not have to tell the world that we loved a movie that we tortured ourselves by watching.

Personal note: I am a fan of superhero movies. I like Ben Affleck. I like Superman and Batman. I was not thrilled with this film. I believe the next film will be better. I am hopeful. Now, without further adieu… here’s my review. And I’d love to hear your comments. So, please leave a comment on youtube or on my blog…

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