collegeThis year, in celebration of the main characters from Retaliation going off to college, my company, Still Eye Rise Media, LLC,  created a Retaliation Scholarship for previous readers of the Retaliation book. This is a scholarship for college freshmen.  In my book, Accused, Tashera and Ahmed leave Washington, DC and go off to college.


I’m congratulating the following four college students who are the inaugural class of the Retaliation Scholarship:

Rasan who’s attending Virginia Union University. Top Left.

Corey who’s attending College Rider University. Top Right.

Alyssa who’s attending Rutgers University. Bottom Left.

Carolyn Nicole Whitfield who’s attending Lincoln University. Bottom Right.


I believe these young people have the potential to contribute greatly to our world. So, I’m thankful that they’ve chosen the path of higher learning!

Peace & Love,


PS. Students interested in applying for the Retaliation Scholarship, please email me at yshiraz AT And, I’ll send you the information.

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