When I woke this morning, it possibly happened while I was sleeping, my novel Exclusive hit #1 in 3 categories on Amazon.


I will continue to share my journey as a self-published/indie author with all of you on my website.  Also, if you want to participate in this Amazon promotion, please click here.

Here’s info on the book:

After reading Exclusive, you won’t look at the music business the same! – K’wan, author of HoodRat, Animal, Street Dreams

Behind the velvet rope.

Battles over money, prestige, and power.

A woman who wants love but must go beyond the velvet rope to get it.

When  journalist Tisha Ariel Nikkole accepts an assignment to interview, superstar artist / rapper, Keyshawn “Shout” Lane, she’s expecting the egotistical, self-absorbing , playboy that dominates magazine covers. What she finds…

Changes her life. 

In New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Keyshawn shows her a different side–a side filled with compassion and round-the-way charm. But, when he confides in her that he’s fighting for his life against corruption, power struggles and deceit against a record label executive gone mad, Tisha has to figure out what to do next.

Will Tisha help Shout?   Will she become a target by association?  Will vindictive record executive, Jordan Ellis, destroy both of their lives?

By the end this book, someone is on life support. Who will it be?

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