Fantasy: A Short StoryLast week I wrote my first short story! It was exciting, but I kinda feel behind. When I started writing as a teen, I started writing books. I think I wrote a couple of poems and then created a book of poetry. From there, I started writing television scripts and then film scripts. Along the way I’ve written short films and documentary scripts, but I’d never really sat down and written a short story until last week. I can now check it off of my bucket list.

Here’s some info on Fantasy: A Short Story

Fantasy Buckner is a twenty-something deejay who is trying to make her mark in the world of entertainment. Not one to be intimidated by the sexism which rules the entertainment business, Fantasy is determined to succeed on her own terms. When she meets a guy who wants to help her, she wonders what he REALLY wants in return. Is his offer as sweet as it seems? Or, is Fantasy making a deal with the devil?

Why do I like entertainment characters?

Like The Tisha Ariel Nikkole series, Fantasy follows a young woman who is making her way in the music industry on her own terms. I’m drawn to entertainment characters because I’ve made my way in the business on my own terms. Last week, I attended an event in which Angela Proctor, the Senior Vice President of TV One spoke about our pasts. I’m paraphrasing but she said something like, “Connect the dots to your past, so that you understand everything that has happened in your life and what you should be doing.” Her talk inspired me so much. It reminded me not to run away from my past but to run toward it and understand how it is to propel me in moving forward.

Fantasy: A Short Story should be live on Amazon in a couple of days. I will email you when its live…

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