Over the last couple of years, I’ve been in search of funny… funny to make the hard times easier… funny to make life more enjoyable. I continue to do serious work, but I enjoy it more because I laugh more. When I recently attended the NATPE conference in Miami, I listened to an intimate chat with Steve Harvey and though I know he started as a comedian, I found him funnier than I had even expected. You can listen to the podcast above.

Throughout the chat Steve Harvey shared great life lessons. He touted his work ethnic and his personal mantra,

“Let no man outwork you.”

He shared with the audience that he received death threats after the Miss Universe flub. He admitted that he believes that


Chris Rock should still host the Oscars even if the #OscarsSoWhite.

Steve Harvey has been defining his career on his terms. He’s a comedian, TV host, radio personality, and best selling author. But, it was surprising to me when he said, “TV allows me to be more of who I am.” Creative people typically can do many things well. But, creatives often struggle with what they should do. (Present company included.) Harvey had the audience in stitches when he said his features (code word: nose and lips) were too big for the big screen. He feels he looks better on TV.

It was a joy to put together the podcast and share some of the funny things he said during the conversation. Comedy is truly a gift and he has it. Comedy is an interesting way to get people to think about the serious things in life.

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