StraightI know many of us have been slow to go to the movies, but this is a MUST SEE film. The writing was tight. The acting was excellent. There were plenty of heartfelt moments. Before it leaves the theater, take your butts to go see Straight Outta Compton. I was so moved by the film that I created some artwork. Feel free to download it and share it on your instagram page, or facebook page.

The artwork was inspired by a scene in the movie where Dre, Cube and Eazy-E were going to be working with some clowns from New York. And by clowns, I mean rappers who thought they were better than they were. Long story short, Dre and Cube got sick of them and before the Kangol wearing clowns were thrown out of the studio, Ice Cube says, “Just ’cause you got on a Kangol, don’t make you LL Cool J.” I swear I almost cried when I heard that line.

I imagine in the height of LL Cool J’s popularity that there were plenty of people walking about NYC trying to be hard. Ah, man. I laughed and laughed.

Anyway, Props to the actors, F. Gary Gray – the director, Ice Cube who added some realism with the storytelling. I could feel his pen all over the script even though he wasn’t the credited screenwriter. And, man, props to the guy who played Suge Knight. Suge is way scarier in real life, but you gave it the ol’ college try and I ain’t mad atcha.

So this is a reminder to go see Straight Outta Compton if you haven’t seen it. And, if you have, tell your friends. It was definitely one of the best movies that I’ve seen all year. And when it comes out on DVD officially, purchase it. Do not go buy the bootleg. Let the people behind the film earn their money.

Peace & Love,



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