Slide1In today’s era of optical illusions, reality TV, constant media chatter, and self-promotion,  it is more important than ever to stop getting hustled if you desire to be successful. Wasting time and effort believing something that isn’t accurate can derail your journey to success. And  yet, liars, hustlers, people whose sole desire is to mislead you are everywhere that the eye can see. So what do you do? How can you protect yourself from getting hustled?

Here is a bonafide Success Tip: Read Between The Lines. You’ve probably heard it a million times, but here are three ways to read between the lines.

  1. Do the research. Whenever someone tells you something or gives you advice, check that advice against other sources. I recommend finding at least three. See if all three sources are saying the same thing. If they are, then you know that you can believe the “expert.”
  2. Ask questions. When somebody tells you something, ask a question about it. Don’t just believe what they are saying. Ask them questions like, “Why do you feel that way?” “What personal experience of yours impacted your opinion?”
  3. Understand that where there is smoke there is fire. If there are lots of negative commentary on a particular issue, or cause of action, there is probably some good reason behind it. Investigate the smoke. Go back to number 1.

In my career, I have been hustled by people who I believed but did not read between the lines. And as a result, I now make sure that I follow the three read between the lines steps before making major decisions.  No matter, how sweet something sounds, you’ll always sleep better, if you investigate it for yourself.


Peace & Love,


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