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Young Black Male Violinist: Say Aah! (Video)

Somebody best be thanking his mama or daddy… whoever decided to put this young man in violin class. I’ve never heard a violin sound so good. And, he’s from VA–home of yours truly and my alma mater, Hampton U. Eric tears it up on the violin. Listen […]

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Must See: Young Violinist Covers Eminem’s Love The Way You Lie (Video)

I am feeling this young man’s talent. He goes by the name of Eric Stanley and he plays the violin like nobody’s business!!!! Yasmin ShirazYasmin Shiraz is the Award winning Author of Retaliation a novel about a community’s response to youth violence. In 2009, it was selected […]

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  • Authors Tell Jokes, Too: Behind Serious Authors
    Official Site of Yasmin Shiraz |SERIOUS AUTHORS TELL JOKES, TOO! I write books that deal with serious issues, but I’m such a funny person too. I make jokes all the time. I’m the comedian of the family. I was recently asked to write an article about my seriousness. I would imagine that […]The post Authors Tell Jokes, Too: Behind Serious Authors appeared first