TI / Mayweather Brawl?

Over the weekend, I heard about a fight–a brawl if you will, between rapper TI and boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather.  When I first heard about it, I immediately thought it was a rumor. I mean who wants to fight a professional boxer? Boxers are trained to know how to beat people to death with their bare hands. As the news reports flowed in, I realized that it was not a rumor and indeed, a scuffle of sorts had occurred. I have no first hand knowledge of the situation and probably should stop right there. But, I love TI and Tiny too much to do so. So, I will continue. The news reports are circulating that there is some jealousy or some estrangement going on with the Harris family and some kinda way, an Instagram photo was involved. Anyway, something popped off at a Fat Burger…

This morning, I watched my favorite sports commentator, Stephen A. Smith (Sorry Stuart,) talk about it.  I love Stephen A. Smith for saying everything that I’m thinking most of the time!

I agreed with so many of Stephen A.’s points for this particular situation, that I’m going to include a few of his comments along with mind on the issue.

  1. There is too much “hooliganism” going on.  TI has legions of fans and no one wants to see him go to back to prison or lose himself in anyway due to some foolishness aka hooliganism. (Stephen A said hooliganism live on the air… I laughed so hard!)
  2. TI and Tiny–no matter what is going on in that relationship–it is between TI and Tiny. Twitter, Instagram–no form of social media is the place to air a grievance against one’s spouse.
  3. Stop resorting to violence.  Stephen A. said that too. Why is it that we have adults who think that the best way to resolve an issue is to resort to violence. IT ISN’T! See a therapist and get a hold of any communication or anger issues. We do not want to see the police putting hands on TI or Mayweather over something like this. (I will refrain from mentioning Solange Knowles in this article.)
  4. TI and Tiny have–up to this point–been role models of sorts, as far as African American relationships go.  No, nothing is perfect, but I love knowing that they seem to really try to work things out. I love TI and Tiny for that. I do not wish for their reputations to be damaged or tarnished in any way–particularly over stuff like this.

So, here’s the real take away on this subject.

  1. TI, Tiny and Mayweather have too much to lose to behave negatively with the social media atmosphere. Sometimes, we gotta walk away and be the bigger and better person.
  2. TI has weathered so much and we expect more of him. We don’t want the green eyed monster to get the better of him. We want him to stay out of the penitentiary.
  3. Counseling is needed for all people from varying walks of life. If you are an adult–rich or poor- and think the best way to resolve your issue is to put your hands on the next man, you are sorely mistaken. And, you need help.

On a personal note, I’ve gone to counselors/ therapists at various stages of my life to deal with different issues that I was struggling to digest. There is absolutely no shame in getting help. Get help before you need it. That’s my motto. But, definitely get help after we all can see that you do.

Whenever our icons fall–(If you’ve ever listened to a TI album, you know exactly what I’m talking about)–we are quick to judge, criticize and condemn. Well, not me, not today. I want to send love to TI and Tiny so that they can successfully resolve whatever is going on in their lives. So many people want you to continue to win. As far as Mayweather, Stephen A says that Mayweather doesn’t court violence outside of the ring. Well, good for him. A real champion doesn’t have to.


Peace & Love,


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