**Disclaimer: The Takeaway is a column that focuses on the real issues that we should “takeaway” from current topics, celebrity news and the like and not the hype and smoking mirrors that seem to confuse most of us.**

jayzsolangeJay-Z and Solange: What had happened was….

When the video surfaced of Solange attacking Jay-Z in an elevator while Beyonce stood by the focus was placed on:

  1. How could Beyonce just stand there?
  2. What did Jay-Z really do?
  3. Was Solange drunk?
  4. This must have happened before.
  5. Beyonce agreed with Solange’s attack that’s why she stood there.

But here’s what the takeaway should be:

  1. Assault is assault.
  2. If the video accurately portrayed what happened, a young woman assaulted a man who could press charges against her.
  3. A person who assaults another adult in a public elevator could be charged and go to jail depending on how the authorities view the incident. Violent incidents caught on video are still incidents.
  4. A mother who encourages her children to be non-violent looks like a hypocrit when she assaults another adult.
  5. Violent actions never resolve the issue, so what is the point?

It’s juicy to focus on the celebrities involved in this incident, but the takeaway should be the second set of five issues not the first. Focusing on the celebrities can trick us into not thinking about the real issues. I’ve read some articles where people talk about “family is family” and that stuff happens. I don’t know about you, but if one of my family members physically attacks me EVER, there’s going to be problem. Violence is not acceptable.


Finally, adults are always talking to youth about how to behave appropriately. When grown people start hitting, kicking and spitting on people, they show how immature they are and how they lack the conflict resolution skills needed in today’s society.

To see the video visit: www.tmz.com


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