In response to Tavis Smiley slamming Fox’s Empire TV Show and essentially saying that its the “worst” representation of black people, I have produced 2 videos which share 3 things that are worse for black people than the EMPIRE TV show. Prepare to be SHOCKED. The videos are below.

Tavis Smiley SLAMS Empire TV Show

Here is part 1:


I don’t think everyone should like any particular show on TV, but I think its a little ridiculous for people to slam something and call it the “worst”  without taking it all in.

Here is part 2:


I must say that I’m enjoying producing videos. The character of  “Tisha” gets me to say whatever I’m feeling about music and entertainment. I need that outlet in my life!!

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Who is Tisha Ariel Nikkole?

In case you’re wondering, Tisha Ariel Nikkole is the main character in the Exclusive, Privacy and Devious novels. She’s an entertainment journalist who has plenty of opinions about what is happening in the music industry and everywhere else. She is quick witted and her tongue is sharp. The novels get great ratings and the readers love her. I’m keeping her alive.





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