LamarOdomAs I sent prayers up for Lamar Odom’s recovery over the weekend, I read numerous stories about his crisis. I read so many stories pointing fingers at who is responsible for his current condition. But, when grown people fall down, are others really responsible. And if so, how?

This week, I’ve officially switched the Live Better Podcast over to the Yasmin Shiraz show. The Yasmin Shiraz show will feature life, culture, tv, movies and current events. The show promises to be upbeat, eye-opening, and truthful. I want to bring my best insight to each and every topic. There will be times that I defend people who–for whatever reasons–are not defending themselves.


I am a sociologist at heart and this show gives me the opportunity to share my sociological imagination and dissect life for what it is. Let us not continue to walk in darkness. If you enjoy the show, please email me and let me know. You can also leave a comment on iTunes. I love doing my podcast, this is technically the 59th episode. Here’s the video for the podcast.


Peace & Love,


PS. Here’s a story E Online did on Lamar. Yahoo Sports also did an article on Lamar.

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