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I went to the HaHa Cafe and laughed my head off! Lucky they didn’t have an open mike!

I planned my writing trip to LA a couple of months and what happened while I was here? I find out that streets are being blocked off due to the Secret Service motorcade! The Obamas came to LA on my week! (LOL) Great minds think alike?

The Obamas and I Go Hollywood

Well, I was here, writing, working, networking, etc and the Obamas were dancing, and dropping knowledge on the talk show circuit. I’m not hating. I wish I was in the audience at Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel, for that matter. In case you missed any of it, here’s are the clips below:

I love how the First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama, brings energy and fun to being active. Exercise shouldn’t be seen as something that ISN’T fun. And, I love how Ellen dances so much on her show. I’m in Los Angeles as are the Obamas right now and I wanted to share this video in case you all missed it.

Also, President Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about race relations and Ferguson. It’s a short clip, but its eye-openining.

What do you think about the Justice Department’s report on Ferguson. They found that African Americans were disproportionately stopped, fined, etc all to raise money! What in the world??? I do not plan to visit Ferguson, MO EVER. EVER. EVER. African American Tourism in Ferguson= Not happening.


PS. The photo from above was the night I went to the HaHa Cafe in North Hollywood. I had such a good time. I saw Brian Hooks, Cory Fernandez, Dondre Whitfield, Erica Ash, and a few others. I laughed until tears came from my eyes. I truly enjoyed the comedians that night!!! I wish them all continued success. If you ever get a chance, go to a comedy club and support. It’s worth the money.

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