Welcome to Episode 19 of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Today’s career tip offers advice on how to get the most out of your work week. There are many theories floating out there, people mention meditating, to-do lists– I work with both of those, but I also have a sure fire one that improves my productivity every time. So here are three questions for you to think about first to see if you need to get more out of your work week.


Why are there people out there that seemingly have more time on their hands then you do? Do they have a relationship with Father Time that you don’t have?

Do you ever feel like an entire day has passed but you haven’t accomplished anything?

Do you ever feel like an entire week has passed and you haven’t met your goals?


TimemanagementI’m a big proponent of creating “to-do” lists. I call my to-do lists goals lists because I want my “to-do” to not simply be a list about keeping me busy, but a list about me accomplishing my goals. So prior to this year, I would create a daily list of the goals that I wanted to reach. Sometimes the goals took more time than others. But, one thing I noticed is that if I had a big goal, it could get pushed and pushed because I’d focus on the small goals and almost get sidetracked.



Well, I recently started planning my goals by planning my weeks. On Sunday, I sit down for about an hour and think about everything that I want to accomplish for the upcoming week. This gives my week clarity and purpose. For example on Monday, I have a goal to write, record and promote my podcast. Then on Tuesday, I have a goal to evaluate the locations on a movie script. By knowing what I’m supposed to do each day, it doesn’t allow me to waste time or procrastinate.


In the year that I started this weekly planning program, I was able to write 3 books in the first 6 months of the year, for me that was really fast writing. But, when I reflect upon getting those books written, it wasn’t that I was writing faster, it was that I was able to work with more purpose because I had my week ahead planned.


I know it isn’t always easy to try something new, but I encourage you to try to plan your week and see if you’re able to get more accomplished.

I hope this tip helps someone out there. Share your stories with me. If you have any tips or questions that you’d like me address on my site or on the Live Better podcast, please email me at YShiraz AT YasminShiraz dot net. For more Live Better episodes, please visit www.yasminshiraz.net , sign up on iTunes or sign up on Stitcher Radio. And, our show is now on YouTube.

Thanks for listening! See you next time.

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