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I’ve been looking for new and additional ways to help, connect and build with my readers, viewers, and listeners. After a wonderful brainstorming session, someone suggested that I share writing tips with my audience. So, this episode of Live Better is about turning your journals and diaries into a book. In following the Live Better formula, I have three questions for you:

1. Have you had experiences in your life that others could benefit from?
2. Has anyone ever told you that your life or particular experiences in your life are unique?
3. Do you keep a diary, journal or other written record of important events in your life? 
If you answered yes to all three of the questions above and of course, if you have the desire to share your experiences, it may be time for you to think about writing a book. My first book, The Blueprint for My Girls, was taken from my teenage journals. Every time I wrote in one of my teenage diaries I was unknowingly creating material for a future book.
So the first step is to go through your journals/diaries and highlight important entries, emotional writings, and pivotal moments. If your diaries look like mine,  they are filled with ramblings, but every now and then, they have a sentence or even a paragraph of brilliance–something that you or someone else could really learn from. Those are the parts of your journal that should be highlighted.
The second step is to read the highlighted material and separate it according to it’s subject or relevance. In my journals, I often write about health or emotional well-being, so if I’m reading through highlighted parts I’d group all health writings together and all emotional well-being writings together.
The third step and some people might think this is actually the first step. But, according to me, this is the third step. Read over your grouped material. Is there a theme that jumps out at you? Is there a sentence, a phrase or a word that describes your grouped writings on a whole? To give you an example when I was compiling my first book, I thought about what the book was saying to the audience. I wanted to share things that I felt would make girls and young women stronger. So, putting blueprint in the title was very organic and purposeful. Review your writings… What theme speaks to you?
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Peace & Love.
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