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I recently had the opportunity to discuss why I choose to write books that tackle serious topics. A series of questions were asked by The News In Books website and I loved sharing with them the motivation behind my books, storylines and characters. If you’d like to know why I tackle such serious subjects, please check out the article here.

Both Retaliation and Accused deal with serious issues. Retaliation deals with teen girl fights and Accused deals with the use of date rape drugs. I don’t like to preach but I like to deal with the reality of what is going on in the world. I’m motivated by current news situations and of course, my own personal situations.

In case, you haven’t read Retaliation, here’s some information about the book below:

Everyday violence and danger run rampant on the streets of Southeast, DC, and on one seemingly quiet day, the Odom family finds its world destroyed when the baby girl of the family, seventeen-year-old Tashera is brutally attacked by a group of high school girls.

Tashera finds herself trying to rein in her growing anger at being an innocent bystander as she worries about how this event will affect her family. Sheila Odom, Tashera’s mother, has to deal with her secretive past, her one mistake that threatens to come back to life and destroy any and everyone involved in the attack of her daughter. Khalil, Tasher’s brother–a wheelchair bound, former gang member–is willing to become active again in the Deuce Trés crew in order to send a message.

If you’d like to start reading Retaliation today, here’s the Amazon link.


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