How To Layout A BookHi there. Several months ago I started vlogging to ‘chronicle’ my experiences as an author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. I jump through so many hoops on a daily basis, I forget sometimes of how ‘vlog-worthy’ some of them may actually be. I recently tried to layout a book in Scrivener and got so lost in the process that it took me weeks to figure it out. I believe my role on earth is to share my experiences and so the latest episode of the Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin shares my most recent book layout experience. It may sound like a yawn, but there’s more to the book layout than meets the eye. People who actually use Scrivener will learn how to fix their page numbers and the rest of you will get to laugh at my expense. And, that’s okay.

In other news, I recently finished the first draft of Secrets which is book #4 in the Tisha Ariel Nikkole series. Its currently in the editing process and I will keep you posted when it drops.

I’ll always looking for more people on my newsletter list to join my YouTube tribe to get my unique blend of celebrity news, culture and comedy. Without further adieu, here’s the latest episode of The Chronicles of SuperDuperYasmin…




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