Author, Walter Dean Myers has earned his heavenly pen and will be writing from the clouds above.

As been reported on various websites, Walter Dean Myers, a prolific African American author passed away today at the age of 76. Great writers are inspiring people and I was inspired by him. I met him several years ago and enjoyed our brief conversation. I remember him telling me that he walked 6 miles per day. I looked at him thinking that I was doing something with my paltry 3 miles and here was a man much older than me who was walking twice as far as I was EVERY DAY!

Some of his books touched me. My favorite book is Monster, though I have other books by him that are autographed in my home library. The thing about Walter Dean Myers that I enjoyed is that he was so dedicated to sharing the stories of young people. He was unwavering in his commitment to our youth. I loved him for that.  I will miss his voice being in this world. He was one of the greatest ever.

Rest In Peace Mr. Myers and now you can tell your stories to the angels. You have surely earned your wings.

Peace & Love,





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