Welcome to this episode of Live Better with your host, Yasmin Shiraz. Today’s topic is all about happiness. I love being happy. I love for others to be happy, but I’ve noticed that happiness eludes so many of us on a daily basis. So, here are three questions for you?


1. Who is responsible for your happiness?

2. When you are unhappy who do you typically blame?

3. Do you believe that you can change the way you feel by how you think?


I bet there are some interesting answers to those questions out there. I used to believe that my parents were responsible for my happiness, then my husband, then my children. One thing I kept realizing as I went from unhappiness to unhappiness or disappointment to disappointment was that I, alone, am responsible for how I feel. If my parents don’t do something that I want, I get to choose how I feel about it . The same goes for my husband, my children, business colleagues, whomever I deal with on a daily basis. When you give others power over your happiness, they can make you angry, depressed, upset whenever THEY feel like it. I don’t like feeling powerless.


Another thing that I’ve learned is that when we accept responsibility for our own happiness, we don’t want to blame anyone, we don’t go looking for others to blame. We decide to go outside in a mix-matched outfit, we don’t blame the person who sold us the outfit, we accept that we had a choice in wearing it. In that choice resides our freedom as well as our happiness.


I used to not believe that a person could change the way that they felt by how they thought. Then, I started a short experiment. I’d be angry about something and then I started to tell myself, reciting in my head, mumbling under my breath, Yasmin you’re not upset this. Yasmin you’re not upset about this. And, surprisingly, each time I employed this tactic, my anger would dissipate.


So the thought I like to share with everyone today is this: If you’re not happy enough, why is that? Are there things that you can do, changes that you can make which would allow you to have more access to happiness? Life is full of challenges, not everything goes according to plan, but our attitude about life is everything. I do believe changing how we think, ultimately changes how we feel. I encourage everyone to take responsibility for their own happiness.


I hope this tip helps someone.

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See you next time.


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