What can be done about mass shootings in the US?After the mass shooting in Oregon, I did a video posing the question of what can be done in the US about mass shootings. Like President Obama, I wanted to express how I felt about it. I did a Facebook promotion over the weekend on my author page and was surprised at how outspoken many of the people were about their second amendment rights.

What can be done about Mass Shootings in the US?

President ObamaI understand the right to bare arms but I was shocked at how many people advocated a modern day shoot out as a solution to deal with mass killers.ย  I’d like to share some of the comments with you.

Train everyone to use firearms. Gun control means hitting your target.

The answer is to get rid of gun free zones. Everyone carry to protect themselves.

Get rid of crazy people. Wait, that won’t happen. So we arm ourselves to the teeth and stop the threat when it starts.

More background checks and gun control only messes with law abiding citizens not the crazies.

The particular post was viewed on Facebook by more than 2,800 people. If you’d like to weigh in on the discussion, I’d love to hear from you. Here’s the video.


Please leave a comment on Youtube or on the site to let me know what you think can be done to eliminate mass shootings in the US.

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