Whitney Houston's DaughterEarlier this year I remember asking everyone to pray for Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 22 year old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and R&B crooner, Bobby Brown after I’d read about the incident of her being found in a bathtub. Well, I wanted to update everyone that its being reported in news outlets across the internet, including People magazine, that Bobbi Kristina has died.

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Has Passed

Of course, I’m saddened by the news. Here’s a poem that I wrote inspired by her passing. Its entitled, “Gone.”


She was sitting with me


We laughed about the boys we no longer liked.

We grinned until our cheeks hurt.

And then I woke up the next morning

And received the news that she was gone.


I’d never hear her laugh again.

The giggle that started so many laughing fits.

I’d never see her throw her hand in the air again

Dispatching fools, low lifes, and boys who crossed the line.

She is gone.

No longer breathing.


I will no longer have dance-a-thons with her

The girl who loved music more than soul food and birthday cake.

She’d put a song on repeat and play it over and over

Until she knew how to move her hips to every rhythmic beat.

But, no more, because she is not here.

She left.


I’ll shed tears for her, and I know she won’t be able to wipe my cheeks.

I’ll miss her, but I can’t join her.

Not now.

‘Cause she’s gone.



May Bobbi Kristina Brown rest in peace. My prayers and condolences to the family.


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