In this episode of Live Better with your girl, Yasmin Shiraz, I’ve recorded the podcast as a video. This podcast/video asks the question: Why Are Mothers Unhappy? I recently had a discussion with my significant other about how hard it is to manage parenting duties, work and take care of myself. No sooner than I had a discussion with him, did I come across an article which addressed the same issues. The article was entitled, Mothers that do it all aren’t very happy.  I was so moved by the article that I wanted to do a podcast on the subject. So, I have three questions for mothers out there:

  1. Are you happy?
  2. Do you feel energized or at peace?
  3. Do you have support?

This podcast / video shares some simple solutions to bring you happiness, peace and support. Hello, folks who need babysitters. With this podcast, you have the option to listen on your ipod or watch the video. The goal of the Live Better show is to help provide the listeners and viewers with ways to live better.

It’s not fun to be a bitter parent, but it happens every day. It’s not fun to feel drained from all of your parenting and work responsibilities. But, again, it happens every day. It feels awful to feel you have the weight of the world on your shoulders with no support.

So, I hope this episode helps some moms out there to feel better about themselves and ultimately bring more happiness to their lives.

Peace & Love,




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