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A couple of weeks ago, I decided to start sharing personal videos with everyone in my social media family. I share personal videos via the Periscope app on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I share various messages on mental health, motivation, inspiration and fun. These videos are personal, raw and unedited. My scopes are typically ten – fifteen minutes long. The goal of the scopes is to inspire, uplift and entertain everyone who watches.

I have to admit sharing these videos is the most personal thing I’ve ever done. Unedited videos where I can share my experiences makes me feel naked in the public square. But, I also feel very empowered. I don’t know everyone who is watching the videos. But, I believe that someone may connect and even be helped by the stories I’m sharing.

In case you’re wondering, here is exactly Why I Share Personal Videos on Social Media

  1. It gives me an opportunity to connect with people.
  2. It gives me an opportunity to share an experience that may help someone else.
  3. It acts as a form of therapy by allowing me to communicate through my own frustrations and pain.
  4. It creates a video journal of what I’m experiencing which helps me as I move forward.
  5. It allows me to share that NO ONE is perfect and so let’s be a community of people who keeps striving without judgement or criticism.

Below I’ve included to scopes from earlier this week. I hope you enjoy them.

This one is about learning how to talk to yourself…

This one is about learning how to focus on the good.

As I’ve said many times in my videos, my journey is about connecting with others as we climb the mountain of life. Let’s do it together. If you’re interested in seeing all of my personal videos so far, click the link.


Peace& Love,


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